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Ettore Consorte


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Man at WorkContemporary Jewellery Designer

I began my love of designing and making jewellery when I took a City & Guilds Diamond Mounting course at the School of Jewellery in Birmingham. I then gained experience repairing and model making for small companies in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. I now design and make jewellery to sell through galleries and shows in the U.K. Using traditional techniques, drawing inspiration from the world around me I produce contemporary pieces, whilst traditional in application, are unique and modern in appearance. Often using architectural shapes, sometimes incorporating precious and semi-precious stones.

Most of my pieces are ‘one-off’s’ although some do follow a pattern or theme, but even with these, I aim to introduce an element of diversity thereby maintaining a level of individuality. The majority of the pieces are in silver, although they can all be commissioned in gold. Working to commission adds another dimension to the process of making jewellery. Not only does the piece have to be interesting in its own right but it also has to fulfil the client’s wishes as in all bespoke objects.

For further details or for information on short courses in jewellery making please e-mail.