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Fusing_IdeasI am a designer/craftsman/artist in kiln- formed glass, making fabulously functional, individually handmade glass art and accessories.

My response to colour is intuitive and my work often explores the combination of colours. I am inspired by the colours, and the ability of glass to take on a gem like quality – pure alchemy. Glass has the extraordinary ability to reflect, refract and transmit light and maybe that explains our enduring love affair with it.

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” (William Morris) is reflected in my own philosophy and I have made it my ‘mission’ to create visual, tactile pieces that are both useable and stylish or ‘fabulously functional’!

Working with glass has its own excitement; it is a unique material and you can never be certain of a result until you open the kiln after the long cycles of heating, processing and annealing are complete.

I love to custom make to co-ordinate with a décor scheme, or using favourite colour(s) for an extra special gift piece. All of my work is individual, made in my studio situated in the valley between Long Mountain and Stiperstones, Shropshire.