Jill Leventon


Jill Leventon
6 Huxley Close


Jill Leventon


07817 517972

Metal and Enamels

Jill is an artist enameller – an experimenter, intrigued by the alchemy that exists between enamel and metal, and by the transformations that can occur at high temperatures.  She uses the materials to achieve effects unobtainable in any other medium, frequently firing work at temperatures of 1000⁰C to encourage interaction between the enamel and copper and between different enamels.

Jill’s design inspiration is drawn from structure: including that which underlies landscape and the more formal lines of the built environment which form the basis of her surface decoration work.

She is an experienced teacher and runs classes both at her own workshop and at Westhope Craft College.  She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with others and encouraging them to take the first steps in an exciting journey of discovery.