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The sea shore has been a huge source of inspiration within my work.

When back in my studio after a trip to the coast, my photographic images are important to me as a way of capturing and keeping memories.

They are the first tangible material along with the pebbles I collect to be used as physical inspiration for my work in glass.

During the fusing and slumping process my convert photographic images are encapsulated into the glass.

The glass is fused and then slumped into my own hand created plaster cast forms, taking their shape from the pebbles.

I hope to portray to the viewer the texture of shoreline, pebbles, rock pools and the passage of the water.

I use a glass called ‘Bullseye Glass’, this is handmade glass and not to be confused with manufactured ‘Float’ window glass.

My range of work contains a diverse assortment of products including Wall panels, Wall lights, Garden Panels. Tea light shade screens integrating my rock pool designs in ‘Wave’ or semi circular styles, Coasters and Season led designs. Prices range from £9.00 to £250.

New designs include the ‘Sea Surf patterns and Coast/ Land ‘Map’ designs with etched place names. For fun I have designed a collection of ‘mad Fish’ patterns. Commissions are always welcome.

After gaining my BA (Hons) degree specialising in fused and slumped glass, came a series of exhibitions New Designers, Islington London, Design for Living   Hampton court castle Herefordshire and Made By Hand  in Cardiff  to name a few.