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Ruth Green Screenprinter

I make screenprints from a small, home-based studio, which, up until August 2019 was based in Kings Heath, Birmingham.
The prints are all made by hand. Each colour is drawn carefully onto transparent film, which is exposed onto a screen that has been coated in light-sensitive emulsion. The negative areas wash away after exposure to create a stencil, through which ink is pulled with a squeegee. The technique gives flat areas of colour, which can be overprinted with further layers.
I use Fabriano hot-pressed watercolour paper for all of the work. It has a lovely, silk-like quality and holds the colour beautifully. It’s also acid free, which means it doesn’t fade or discolour.
Prints often begin with a rough pencil sketch which is then worked up into the design. I colour the sketches with watercolours to give an impression of how the final print will work. Once the screens are made, I often make several test versions, to play with colour balance until I am satisfied with a particular combination.
Plants and gardens are a key feature, as is my interest in mid-century design. All three elements will feature in the new studio I am planning at my new location in Shropshire.